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27 Apr

Ogun Tech Roundtable

  • 12:00 pm
  • Simeon Adebo Library kuto, Abeokuta Ogun State

Join us at the Ogun Tech Roundtable: Innovation & Excellence! 📅 Date: Saturday, April 27th, 2024 🕛 Time: 12:00 pm 📍 Venue: Simeon Adebo Library Kuto, Abeokuta Ogun Theme: "Empowering Tomorrow: Innovating Together" For more info & registration, click the link: https://bit.ly/3IYWAcD For inquiries, contact: 📞 08061364681, 0810 206 8425, 0809 722 2629, +234 809 246 1400 oguntechcommunity22@gmail.com www.oguntechcommunity.org Don't miss out on this inspiring event! #OgunTechRoundtable #Innovation #EmpoweringTomorrow"

Abeokuta Tech Hangout

Honoured to confirm that Charles Emembolu, director of partnerships, Innovation Support Network.
He will be speaking at the Abeokuta Tech Hangout. He will be speaking on “Local and global connectedness: secrets of a supercharged ecosystem”

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Ogun Tech Community Partners with The Bunkers to Hold a Tech Hangout in Abeokuta

Ogun Tech Community Partners with The Bunkers to Hold a Tech Hangout in Abeokuta
The Ogun Tech Community in partnership with The Bunkers will be holding a Tech Hangout in Abeokuta on Saturday, 24th September, 2022 at The Bunker Office, Oke-Ilewo, Ogun State by 4pm……..

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Ogun Tech Community Holds Launch Event

Ogun Tech Community Holds Launch Event, Discusses Development of Technology and Innovation Ecosystem in the State
Ogun State Tech Community has held a launch event themed “A Cohesive Ogun State Technology and Innovation Ecosystem” on Thursday, 3rd February, 2022 at the Ogun Tech Hub, Kobape, Abeokuta, Ogun State to discuss development of technology and innovation in the state…..

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Ogun State Technology Ecosystem Snapshot


Ogun State is a major economic hub; it has one of the largest concentrations of industries in the country and serves as the major corridor for transportation of goods, services and people between the nation’s commercial center Lagos, and the rest of the country as well as the large West African markets. Out of the State’s total projected population of 7.1 million people at 2014, fifty-seven (57) per cent are of working age. There are more than twenty-nine (29) tertiary institutions both public and private, in the State, making it the state with the highest number of tertiary institutions in the country. The State’s investment drives have maintained and attracted more than 100 industries to Ogun State in the last four years. This is reflected in the State’s IGR, which grew from N64.3bn in 2015, to N73bn in 2016, and correlated with the ranking of the World Bank from its 35th position to the 5th position on ease of doing business in Nigeria.

This brief seeks to provide an overview of the technology and innovation ecosystem in Ogun State identifying key developments, unique characteristics, demand, supply and enabling environment that drives innovation. The structure of this brief is based on the framework for assessing regional innovation hubs in Nigeria as used in the report conducted by the Office of the Vice President of Nigeria in partnership with Dalberg Global Development Associate.

Profile of the technology or innovation ecosystem in Ogun State

According to the Catalysing Growth in Nigeria through Regional Innovation Hubs report by the Office of the Vice President of Nigeria and Dalberg Global Development Advisers, Ogun State is at the nascent stage of technology innovation; considering the discourse on ideas for creating new economic bases through innovation has started to happen among a sub-set of ecosystem actors, but interactions between these different actors are yet to commence or occur on a periodic basis, or investment has not yet followed intent.

Since the release of the report in 2017, the Ogun State technology ecosystem has grown and become more cohesive through the deliberate actions of some ecosystem actors like Ogun Tech Community (OTC), an association or community of technology/innovation hubs, startups, skill development organizations and government officials; Ogun State Digital Ecosystem Advisory Group (DEAG), a think tank of high profile individuals, present/past government officials & stakeholders with a vested interest in the development of Ogun State digital ecosystem; LEAD Resources, first innovation hub in Ogun State, Nigeria Computer Society, Ogun State chapter; Cologeny, a community of digital creatives, enthusiasts and marketers; and iFrameworks Consulting, a technology and strategy consulting company leading the knowledge – driven development of the Ogun State technology ecosystem.

There has also been a plethora of technology events, programmes and regular meetups like Tech Summit Ogun, Ogun Digital Summit, IT Stakeholders Forum, LEAD Resources – GIZ Startup Loop, Forloop Abeokuta, AI Saturdays Abeokuta, Google Business Group Abeokuta etc. that aim to improve digital literacy, develop tech talents, build startups, bring stakeholders together and shine the spotlight on the Ogun state technology ecosystem.

A strong talent/human resource pool positions Ogun State positively as a hub for innovation and growth, provided prevailing sources of demands are optimized, initiatives for supply are augmented and a more supportive operating environment is fostered. For a productive innovation ecosystem, there is the need for conscious efforts of stakeholders to work together; stakeholders include – but not limited to – hub operators, the State government, entrepreneurs, investors, private sector companies and academic institutions.

Demand: Nicknamed the ‘Gateway to Nigeria’, Ogun state has the potentials of building on its human resources to meet the supply need for tech innovation in the country. It also has the unique advantage of being located between two of the leading innovation ecosystems in the Nation in Lagos and Oyo State according to Ingressive Capital, whose demand for tech talents continue to grow day by day.

The stated economic priorities of the state have revolved around affordable education, efficient healthcare delivery, agricultural production, affordable housing and rural/infrastructural development. Having a predominantly informal private sector consisting of small and micro businesses, the private sector as a source of demand for innovation is presently limited – except for the need for digital business and advertising. Although the private sectors’ current demand seems small, there seems to be an almost endless list of problems within the State, its governance system and the way of conducting businesses that can be solved using digital technologies. These creates a huge opportunity for technology startups with innovative business models to explore.

From a public sector standpoint, demand for technology was stimulated due to a number of e-governance initiatives initiated by the Ogun State government, most of which are no longer functional. Some of these include ARAYA – a computerized community-based primary health insurance scheme, TRIMS – a checkpoint monitoring tool for movements of commercial vehicles and products, implemented in partnership with Detsche Geselleschatt fur Internationale Zusammernarbelt (GIZ) and Ogun State Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture; and the Homeowner’s Charter (HOC) Registration which is an electronic issuance and management of land titles (e.g., Certificate of Ownership) to improve land administration. Some of these initiatives also demonstrate the power of government to drive the adoption of digital solutions and the development of the technology ecosystem through policy development, enforcement and digital transformation of services. The failed initiatives also reveal a gap in sustainable deployment and adoption of solutions that can be addressed by highly skilled individuals and knowledge-driven organizations.

According to data available on the Ogun state government website, there are more than 8.53 million mobile phone subscribers and 5.62 million internet users which places the State as the 2nd highest in the country in internet penetration. This indicates a relative high level of digital literacy which is a principal component of digital solutions adoption. It also indicates that there is a large untapped market for digital or internet solutions in the State.

Supply: The supply side for innovation within Ogun State although still relatively low is rapidly growing. The State has the highest number of tertiary institutions in the Nation and has become a major hub for private higher education, with a number of notable private tertiary institutions such as Covenant University, Babcock University, Redeemers University, Bells University of Technology, Crescent University, among others. Within tertiary institutions are clusters of software developers, data scientists, technology enthusiasts with a lot of technology ideas some of which are already at the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) stage. Thousands of students in tertiary institutions in Ogun State have benefited from custom trainings like Microsoft’s Code2Earn training, #HourofCode, Codeliners (also addressed younger audience), and Google’s #DigitalSkills4Africa training organized by organizations like LEAD Resources Innovation hub to deliver digital skills training required for the 21st century in partnership with the State Ministry of Education, Science and Technology. Some beneficiaries of the training have improved their businesses and brands using online tools and techniques, while some others started their digital agencies. There have also been opportunities for citizens as well students to develop cutting edge technology skills like Artificial Intelligence with Data Science Nigeria’s AI+ Clubs in Cities and Campus who hold regular meetups on a weekly to monthly basis, and AI Invasion programs, a completely free 5-days introduction to Machine Learning organized by Data Science Nigeria in partnership with innovation hubs within the city.

Following the principle of inculcating interest in technology, the State Government sponsored participants to the Ministry of Communication Technology/ HUAWEI 1000 Girls Training Program. Coding Classes were also introduced to the curriculum of the annual Ogun State Summer Camp. Teenagers in Ogun State also benefitted from coding trainings during the 2017 Africa Code Week organized by an education support startup, Onlinehub NG with support from the Ogun State Ministry if Science, Education and Technology. There was also a 1-day introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning training for more than 1000 primary and secondary school teachers organized by Data Science Nigeria in partnership with Ogun State Bureau of Information Technology, LEAD Resources and Computer Teachers Association.

There has also been a boost in the number of technology startups within the State which also correlates with the increase of innovation hubs, coworking space and skill development organizations in the State. Startups and digital solutions like Product Cycle (https://productcycle.co), Upbox (https://upbox.delivery), Farmer’s Pride (https://farmersprideafrica.com), InvestNaira (https://investnaira.com), Fidia (https://getfidia.com), Kiwano (https://kiwano.cash), staaVPN (https://staavpn.com), Cleeen (https://cleeen.ng), Afriktrip (https://afriktrip.com) all came to life in the past four (4) years

Supporting Environment: Ogun State was ranked 5th in 2017 on the World Bank Ease of starting a business at the subnational level survey based on the number of days, procedures and the costs required to register a business, suggesting a business-friendly policy environment. The government took bold steps to improve ease of doing business, including hosting one-stop shop (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnbUGgehrS3HbnnggIHYV9w), a digital platform to facilitate the delivery of streamlined and integrated business start-up services for businesses and investors while cutting on the time and costs associated with doing business in the State. These and other initiatives earned the State and the then Governor, the National Information Technology Merit Award (NITMA), e-Gov award presented by the Nigerian Information Tecjnology Development Agency (NITDA) and the Government Digital Service Award 2017 as the best government for the most digitally compliant based on IT specialization, NCS standards and global best practices.

On innovation relevant networks, there are various technology groups strategically building the technology ecosystem in Ogun State, fostering collaborations between stakeholders and developing technology talent. They include but not limited to Nigeria Computer Society, Ogun Tech Community, Ogun State Digital Ecosystem Advisory Board, Google Developers Group, Data Science Abeokuta, #ForloopAbeokuta, DSN AI+ Clubs, AI Saturdays Abeokuta, Colgeny, Andela Learning Community etc. There are also more than six (6) innovation hub and coworking space within Ogun State including LEAD Resources, Covenant University-operated Hebron Startup Labs, State Government operated Ogun Tech Hub, Verve Tree, OnlineHub NG, 720 degrees hub, Rockspace, Pavilion Tech Hub, etc.

On finance, the major sources of finances available are grants backed by the Bank of Industry – based in Abeokuta, loans from the Central Bank of Nigeria, and dispersed private entrepreneurs who sometime play the role of angels. There are limited evidences of dedicated funding for technology start-ups in the state. Entrepreneurs are sometimes beneficiaries of other nationwide entrepreneurship/startup development initiatives.

On infrastructure, there have been commitments from private sector and the state government to improve tech-related infrastructure in the state. The state government have invested enormously into developing road networks to ease transportation within the state and facilitated the deployment of infrastructure for 50 mbps internet broadband in partnership with MainOne and 21st Century Technologies (still in development and not implemented to the last mile)

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